I'm obsessed with anything where I can be artistic! I love to design all kinds of different things--from websites like this one! (Yes, I made this!) To clothing and home interiors that you can check out here

 I also adore modeling! Maybe because I'm very comfortable being naked. I love expressing myself without the restraints of clothing. I think the human body is something beautiful and should be celebrated. For future plans, well I have a lot but my next venture will be to take up photography. I want to capture through my own creative eye other beautiful people and nature.

 I am college educated and have plans to finish my bachelors degree in Political Science when my schedule permits it. I also have a license in Cosmetology. I love learning new things but psychology and world religions are probably a couple of my favorite classes. I also love to read poetry. J. Raymond, Nikita Gill, Edgar Allan Poe, & Ernest Hemingway are among my favorites.


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: Twenty-three.

Height: Five foot seven inches.

Weight. One hundred & fifteen pounds.

Shoe: Size nine.

Hair: Brunette.

Eyes: Green.




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