Kendall Banks

Indulge in satisfaction with this sweet erotic delight..



Dear Gentlemen,

From the moment we meet, you will find that I am filled with contagious energy, thriving on the stimulation of the world around us. I have a naturally engaging and vivacious personality with an open-minded attitude that constantly draws me to new experiences.  My striking features, innate affection, and flirtatious character makes for a truly unique combination.  You will quickly see that I am the rare gem you have been looking for.  I love nothing more than digging into desire; losing myself in a partner's mind and sharing a pleasurable connection with your unique soul.  I want to know your thoughts, desires, dreams, pleasures and dark fantasies. Do you want to be mine tonight? What will you do with me? Do you think you can penetrate my mind or explore depths of my heart? I can only hope to find out.


 Kendall Banks

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All donations..

..are for my time & companionship, only. Absolutely NO illegal activities will that threaten my safety or health will cause automatic termination of the date. 

 ..should be place in white unsealed envelope prior to arrival. When I arrive I will excuse myself to the restroom where I will find my donation on the restroom sink.

..should not be spoken about, nor services provided on the phone, over text, in email, or person.

..must be in cash for first time clients.

When booking please try to fill out the consideration form in advance. Outcall is preferable but I do make exceptions at my discretion.

Time Increments & Rates

0.5 H || $350

1.0 H || $500

1.5 H || $600

2.0 H || $850

More time is available by appointment. Please inquire