Kendall Banks

 Meet Atlanta's most beautiful distraction.

Describe Myself?

     I am filled with contagious energy that overflows freely around the room. I thrive on the stimulation of the world. I naturally lust for situations that wake those instinctual urges. Although I am shy at first, as we grow more comfortable over bubbly champagne, my flirtatious side starts to come out. I have always been open-minded and a free spirit. This quality allow me to explore and tip-toe into a world most people only dream of. I find myself attracted to experiences that are thrillingly mysterious. I value genuine conversations and honesty. I love to know sexy details and dark fantasies. There's nothing like the excitement of that first initial meeting with a total stranger in a territory that's totally foreign to me to get your heart beating. I love doing fly-me-to-you's and overnights in new places so feel free to inquire about your city.

     My sensual touch and my character makes for a truly unique combination of sultry and sweet. You will quickly see that I am the rare gem you have been searching for. There's nothing more thrilling than submitting to temptation & desire; losing myself in someone else's mind and sharing an orgasmic connection with a man that I may or may not ever see again.. Are you ready to let go of your inhibitions with me?